Dog‘s Dental Care: 4 Tips for Healthy Smile and Well-Being

Sadia Tariq
3 min readSep 6, 2023


Like humans, the oral and dental hygiene of dogs is of prime importance. Negating the dog’s dental care will infer severe circumstances that automatically lead to certain diseases. The diseases may include jaw fractures, heart diseases, rapid weight loss, and inflammation.

According to a US study conducted in 2019, 77% of dogs got dental diseases. But you don’t need to panic. You can naturally prevent your furry friend from such prevalence by following some preventive measures.

Hence, how can you better take care of your companion? Here are canine dental care tips for dogs, which must be at the head of your queue.

Brushing Teeth: Preventing Plaque Formation

Toothbrushing is the ultimate requirement for oral care. Avoiding toothbrushes may lead to plaque formation. Regular toothbrushing or at least 2–3 times per week must be at the top of the list.

Abstain from using human toothpaste. It contains xylitol, which is toxic to dogs’ health. Always purchase a specific toothbrushing kit that contains toothpaste and fingertip toothbrushes.

Different toothpaste flavors like peanut butter, chicken, and beef are available. Try using the one that best suits and facilitates the dental cleaning of a dog.

Dental Wipes: Alternative to Toothbrushing

If your canine cannot tolerate toothbrushing, then problems arise. How to clean a dog’s teeth without brushing? The solution is switching to dental wipes.

It contains zinc gluconate and chlorhexidine gluconate, which reduces the formation of biofilms and inhibits bacterial growth.

As dogs’ teeth have more grooves and crevices, dental wipes are not up to the scratch as toothbrushing. Still, it helps to prevent tooth decay by eradicating the bacteria. Therefore eventually improving the canine’s teeth hygiene.

Dental Treats and Chews: Improves Gum’s Health

The chewable treats help to enhance dogs’ dental cleaning. It helps them to increase their instinct to chew and keep them entertained and satisfied. It helps to eradicate plaques, boost their mental well-being, and soothes teeth health.

These dental chews come in different sizes and shapes that better reach crevices and grooves. It facilitates in the blood circulation and improves gum’s health.

You can enhance your pup’s dental hygiene through treats like rawhide bones and pig’s ears. Moreover, rubber, nylon, and plastic chews are also available.

Veterinarian Cleanings: Visit Periodically

Despite all your true dedication to improving your puppy’s dental health, some gaps are being left. To fill these gaps, you must visit the professional vet near you periodically.

A veterinarian can better diagnose, prevent, or locate any issues concerned with your furry friend.

A veterinarian will recommend dental prophylaxis for your pup if the situation seems worse.

Some canine breeds require dental cleanings yearly while others need over a few months. Hence, ensure proper check-ups with the vet to improve your pup’s dental hygiene.

Wrap up

You have to be responsible for your dog’s dental care. To make your furry friend happier and healthier, you must implement and practice the mentioned tips.

Responsible prevention in time can save future hardships. Hence, adhere to the guide and get satisfactory results.

We hope that these tips are helpful for you and your pup. Follow us to get more useful tips.