5 Preventions to Combat the Spread of Contagious Diseases: A Must Follow-up

Sadia Tariq
3 min readAug 20, 2023


As time passes by, multiple diseases are continuously evolving and becoming precarious. It is due to the fact that the causative agents, i.e, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, consistently reprogram and become resistant to their hosts.

So, it is the need of the hour to prevent contagious spread because its outbreak can be highly fatal. Recently, we all witnessed a vast and colossal pandemic of covid-19, which claimed 14.9 million lives in 2021. Here are a few insights and preventions that you can adopt to prevent contagious transmission.

1- Hands Hygiene

Washing hands after every workout is necessary and mandatory to ensure good health. Hands can be a carrier for contagious transmission because microbes reside on the surfaces or objects that are engaged in everyday work usage. And this hand-to-mouth transmission of microbes can be alarming.

According to the CDC, washing hands with soap for about 20 seconds proved to be ideal and effective. In case soap is not available, then alcohol-based sanitizers are recommended.

2- Cover Mouth While Coughing

Mostly, transmissions of infectious diseases occur through the oral route. While coughing or sneezing without any prevention can cause tiny droplets to spread on the surfaces around. It will make the people around you vulnerable to contagious transmission. Coughing acts as a prime factor in the spread of tuberculosis.

Use a face mask if you feel symptomatic for respiratory diseases. Always try to cough into your elbow rather than coughing into your hands. Moreover, avoid contact with the symptomatic person.

3- Ensuring Food Safety

Prevention while taking food is necessary and mandatory. Otherwise, the consequences will be drastic. As unhygienic measures lead to the spread of food-borne illnesses. The most common are cholera, typhoid, and hepatitis. Following are the ways to prevent food-borne illnesses;

  • Your kitchen tops and surfaces must be disinfected with sanitizer or chemicals
  • Raw food including meat, fruit, and vegetables must be properly washed
  • Cooked food should not be put at room temperature and must be refrigerated

4- Vaccination

Vaccination is the best preventive measure to combat infections. All children and adults must be vaccinated. It will automatically boost your immunity and help you fight against diseases. We all become familiar with vaccination importance after the massive destruction caused by Covid 19 in 2020. About 79% reduction in covid-19 related deaths were reported after the vaccination shots.

5- Avoid Animal Contact

Animals are also the carrier of certain zoonotic diseases. So, you must take proper hygienic measures while handling pets or experimental animals. Otherwise, you will be at a higher risk of catching infections. Here are a few suggestions that you must adopt while in contact with animals;

  • Always wash your hands after dealing with animals
  • Disinfect the breeding places of animals
  • Ensure regular check-ups of animals with vets to monitor their health conditions

Wrap up

Above all, prevention is the best medicine. Not all disease treatments are available which is a great challenge for humanity. The only best way to combat contagious disease is to abide by its preventive measures. In case you are symptomatic, consult your doctor.

You must gear up to execute the preventive ways mentioned above. Eat healthy, live healthy, and spread positivity. You have to take the first obligatory step. So start implementing these preventions to lead a healthy life.